Holy Cross Lutheran Church Choir warms up before service in Bellevue

Engaged. Safe.

Come, be creative, engage in the community and the world in a safe environment.

Holy Cross

Holy Cross Choir

Who we are

We are a church that rolls up its sleeves and gets to work, seeking justice, peace and change in the world while working in partnership with others who share a common vision of serving and loving the world.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church is located on one of the last pieces of undeveloped property in Bellevue. From our early days meeting in the old farm house to our recent reclamation of the orchard, understanding and maintaining this amazing resource has been a gift.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Holy Cross is a member of the ELCA. You can learn more about them on their website.

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Worshipping at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Bellevue, WA

What we believe

We are people of faith who share a living, daring confidence in God's grace. God's promise of steadfast love and mercy in Jesus opens us to a life of bold trust in God and joyful, generous service to everyone we know and meet in daily life.

At the same time faith does not close our minds to the world and our hearts to others. We listen to the witness of others and watch for the ways God is active in the world around us. Faith opens a place for engaging others in conversation, for seeking the truth, for asking questions and speaking love in word and deed.

Faith is a full life, liberated for a living, daring confidence in God's grace.


Rev. Paul Eldred
Rev. Paul Eldred
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Audrey Gaard Johnson
Audrey Gaard Johnson
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